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‘Service to the nation’ through charitable endeavours

During his difficult early years in Canada, Mr Goudas experienced hunger at first-hand. Small wonder that many of his charitable endeavours have been aimed at providing food to the poor, both in Canada and in disaster-ravaged countries. For example, Mr Goudas has made substantial donations to relieve those displaced by floods in Pakistan, and those affected by the Tsunami in Sri-Lanka (2005) as well as the victims of the Haiti earthquake (2010) and Hurricane Gilbert in Jamaica to name but a few.

But it is at home in Canada that Mr Goudas has made the greatest contribution to communities. Back in the days when Mr Goudas was still a small businessman, his Christmas parties for underprivileged children were legendary. At these events, the kids were not only shown a great time, they also got food hampers to take home to their families so that everyone could have a good Christmas meal.

That was only the beginning. Since then, Mr Goudas has supported worthy causes like the Mount Zion Food Bank, which provides food to needy families, not for profit organisations helping the elderly and children, and organisations that help needy young people to get a better education. He has also sponsored numerous community events that help to bring community members closer together and was even instrumental in ensuring that we are still able to enjoy the Caribana Carnival after it ran into sponsorship issues some years ago.