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Getting to know the man

If you would like to learn more about Mr Goudas, you need look no further than his short, easy to read and down to earth mini-books documenting some of his colourful and entertaining life-story in a humorous tone that is pure ‘Goudas’. Enjoy the quirky humour, fascinating tales and culinary adventures of Mr Goudas, and pick up some great recipes along the way.

‘The Ackees Book’ is a great example of this, and so is “Cow Foot Story Book”. You’re sure to laugh when you read about his early attempts to clean and remove the hair from ‘Cow foot’ – taking it to the barber and even trying ‘Neet’ hair removal cream!

But if you really want to be inspired, you should read ‘Just another broken leg’, an account of Mr Goudas’ recovery from an accident that nearly crippled him and that left his business empire (temporarily) in tatters. This story unintentionally illustrates how a truly great Canadian deals with and overcomes setbacks with ‘can do’ style and determination.

Or you can read the whole story of Mr Goudas’ career in his fascinating biography, “The Immigrant” and get the full account documenting the incredible career of this truly remarkable man who started off his life in Canada by washing cars, but who became a great entrepreneur and philanthropist in his own right.

Now that you have discovered the story of Mr Goudas, there’s only one thing left to do: nominate him for the Order of Canada so that he can receive just recognition for his many achievements and contributions to Canada!