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Spyros Peter Goudas has received over the years numerous letters of appreciation for his tremendous support and contribution to Canadian life which encompasses a very broad range of charitable activities, including feeding the homeless and underprivileged.


He is a philanthropist, supporter and contributor to the daily and year-round needs of many senior citizens organizations, senior citizens homes, community housing sites associations, community events. (for various ethnic nationalities), Philanthropic Associations, charitable organizations, cultural organizations, scholarships events, Philoptochos Societies organizations, orphanage housing, poor and underprivileged, sponsor to many worthy causes and individuals in absolute need.


The Letters of Appreciation to him include not only local contributions but international recognition for his immediate response to numerous disasters worldwide.


Sponsorship over the years of numerous multicultural radio and television programs.


He has been a great informal ambassador for Canada within its dynamic multicultural ethnicities with his international links, knowledge and contacts.



His food products portfolio consists of over one thousand, two hundred items from all over the world and was based on careful thought, selection, quality, taste and appearance.
Proof of the enormous confidence and efforts he invested in his product line is evidenced by the fact that he was able not to have any major recalls of his products from the Canadian authorities.



In addition to the food creation, he wrote hundreds of  recipes  based on his extensive knowledge of foods from around the world, informing the general public, potential and professional chefs, with ideas to improve and master their capabilities and become familiar with ethnic and regional cuisines.


The recipes are written with originality, without cut and paste, incorporating photos, humor and detailed information to guide the reader through allowing him/her to create a masterpiece.



He wrote many books and articles with topics such as his love of animals,  birds, countries, for example: Colombia, Costa Rica, GhanaLiberia, Kenya, Rwanda, life incidents including eye disease – floaters, a shattered leg and back injuries resulting from a simple sneeze.


His Articles recognize the abilities and the efforts of several individuals, for example, John Richard Pilger, Jim Kottas, Yoyoy Villame, Dr. Joseph McKenna, Mr. Kladitis Mrs. Vasiliki Aphantitis and others.

One of these books titled, Miracles Still Do Happen, has been a source of inspiration to many, including patients facing the possibility of death.


His book, Overweight Highway to a Healthy Life, has become a Bible to many suffering from excessive weight issues and is a revelation to them of the impact of obesity on their health.


Some extraordinary comedy is incorporated into his writing, for example, The Cow Foot Story, The Ackee Tree, The Mango Tree, and the most hilarious article, Raccoon BBQ which is rated as number one in the google search.


The books have been published, distributed to organizations, associations, universities, and the general public. Some of which have been translated into other languages.